The effects of infrared saunas are different from traditional steam baths and saunas. Procedures have fewer limitations and contraindications due to low temperatures up to 50 ° C and low humidity 40-50%. And that’s why many people of any age can visit them. Infrared sauna has a significant healing effect and acts on the organism as follows:

  • Increases sweating, which relieves the body of harmful substances and toxins, accelerating metabolic processes in the body, which also promotes burning of subcutaneous fat.
  • The level of cholesterol is reduced to normal.
  • Increased blood pressure is normalized.
  • The cardiovascular system improves.
  • Beneficial effect on the immune system, when the body begins to actively fight the cold.
  • Improvement of skin condition and smoothing of wrinkles.
  • Excretion of lactic acid from the body, positively affects the regeneration of the organism after sports exertion.
  • Thanks to heat dosing, you can get rid of headaches, joint pains and other pains.
  • The musculoskeletal apparatus begins to function better and also improves its condition.
  • The activity of the urogenital system and the kidney system is improved.
  • Once the central nervous system is released, you will become more resistant to stress and depressive states will disappear
  • Start the procedures in the heated infrared sauna and in the sitting position.
  • The duration of your stay should last 45 minutes (according to how your body feels).
  • You shouldn’t visit sauna with full or empty stomach. The interval between a meal and a visit should be 1-1.5 hour.
  • Take off all jewellery and take a shower. You will sweat faster.
  • Drink some water before your visit to compensate for the loss of fluids. You can drink water during the procedure, but drinking sweet drinks or soda is not recommended.
  • You should not have any body cosmetics or make-up on your skin because an allergic reaction may occur when interacting with UV rays.
  • Bring 2 towels with you. One on the bench and the other one to wiping sweat. The body should be dry all the time because water slows down the effects of infrared sauna.
  • After this experience, take a shower again to wash away all the toxins excreted with the sweat and relax for 10 to 15 minutes


  • Skin or fungal diseases
  • During the aggravation of chronic disease of any body system
  • Acute diseases of an infectious or other nature
  • Fever
  • Vascular atherosclerosis with damage to various body systems and organs
  • Active tuberculosis
  • Conjunctivitis, skin infectious diseases
  • Malignant neoplasms
  • Susceptibility to bleeding, thrombosis, embolism
  • Severe metabolic disorders in diabetes, cachexia, hyperthyroidism
  • Glaucoma
  • Psychoses and psychopathies
  • With open wounds, bandage (with patch), etc.
  • Susceptibility to allergic reactions
  • Under the influence of alcohol, drugs or psychotropic substances
  • Visitors who violate these rules are fully responsible for damage to their health, the health of other visitors, and the material costs involved.


To reach the healing effect, you should visit infrared sauna regularly, up to twice a week.

If you follow our recommendations and rules, you will see the effects soon! You will definitely feel the flow of youth, strength and energy.