RELAXCLUB (RK) provides rental of spa and recreation rooms, located in the area of RK, provides healing spa services, rental and sale of complementary goods. All services are provided subject to availability.

  1. These rules are mandatory for all RK visitors of any age. Before entering into a rental and purchase contract, the visitor must be aware of these rules and must strictly enforce them all the time in RK. If you do not agree with the rules, please refuse to visit the RK and its services. Liability for consequences resulting from ignorance or non-observance of actual rules is borne by the visitor himself.
  2. The RK is open from 10:00 until 22:00 including weekends, except for days of technical prevention or sanitary days. These days are listed in advance. Quiet hours start at 22:00.
  3. The whole area of ​​the RK is privately owned, it is forbidden to be on the territory without permission of the RK administration
  4. Children under the age of 18 are allowed to visit the RK only with adults accompanying them and being responsible for their safety. Adult – a visitor older than 18 years, who has assume full legal responsibility for the behaviour of the children he/she is accompanies. Children under 7 years of age do not count, when determining the number of visitors visiting a steam bath.
  5. Handicapped people who, due to their disability, require the assistance of another person can visit the RK only with the help of this adult person who will look after them. The steam bath and banya are not adapted for handicapped people on a wheelchair.
  6. The whole area of ​​the RK is monitored by the camera system.
  7. In case of loss or damage to the property of the RK, the Report on Damage will be written, the cost of the damage is covered by the visitor responsible for the culprit. If it is not possible to pay the damage on site, it is allowed to pay the damage within 3 (three) days.
  8. Visitors must meet the requirements of the warden and other employees of the RK regarding the safety, maintenance of order and cleanliness in the territory of the RK.
  9. Visitors should behave politely, respect each other, and don’t restrict the enjoyment and rest of other visitors.
  10. In the case of refusal or suspension of services provided to a visitor who has violated the actual rules, the RK is not obliged to return the money for unused services.
  11. Violation of the rules is a serious reason for exclusion of a visitor from the area of the RK, while the RK is not obliged to return the money for unused services.

Payment Terms of Rental and Services

  1. The payment for the rent and services is in accordance with the valid price list.
  2. Rental rates and services of the RK are determined by the warden of the complex.
  3. The visitor is obliged to pay the rent and services of the RK in the amount of 100% of the deposit in accordance with the valid RK price list.
  4. Payment is paid to the RK warden, in cash or by card. Reservation, payment and acquisition of services means that the visitor has become acquainted with actual rules and agrees with them, and accepts the consequences of violation of these actual rules.
  5. The visitor, who pays the RK rental fee, is a responsible visitor and bears all financial and legal responsibility for himself and for the visitors who accompany him / her and who are directly along with them on the area of the RK.
  6. Order and payment of additional services is performed by the responsible visitor to the warden on site in the complex.
  7. When booking a specific visit, the visitor will pay 50% of the price of the reservation of the ordered services, and the 50% additional payment will be paid before the services are purchased. In case of a delay, the countdown of time starts with the time specified in the reservation. In case of a denial of service, the reservation price is not refundable.
  8. As a deposit for renting a guest house, the visitor is obliged to pay the amount of CZK 3,000 in cash in exchange for handing over the keys from the house. This deposit will be returned to the visitor in cash upon departure.

Visit regulations of the complex

  1. The sauna complex includes a steam sauna (Siberian banya), infrared (IR) sauna and bathing barrels.
  2. The warden will welcome you to the RK.
  3. The RK is equipped with a steam bath, heated by wood-burning stove and the air temperature reaches 60 ° C to 90 ° C. The banya is available for rent with a room that is already heated, according to a pre-order. Without pre-order, the air temperature may be lower.
  4. During the visit of the steam bath, the visitor is obliged to get acquainted with the visit regulations of the steam bath and also independently assess their own strengths and possibilities.
  5. Minimum period of use of the sauna complex – 3 hours. The time for changing clothes is already included in the price of the paid stay. 15 minutes before the end of the stay, the warden reminds the client that the stay in the steam bath will end.
  6. For every less than hour, the payment is charged as an hour. In case of incomplete use of the paid time, the money wouldn’t be returned. The client may extend the length of stay by informing the warden and paying the next hour, if there is enough free time.
  7. We don’t recommend visiting saunas to people who have increased sensitivity to high temperatures or medical contraindications.
  8. Pregnant women need to consult their visit with doctor and can come only if they have a positive opinion from a specialist.
  9. A visitor who rented a steam bath is required to familiarize himself with the rules of use of stoves, fire regulations, safety regulations and strictly observe them. We announce that the temperature regime in the area of the RK is determined only by employees of the RK administration.
  10. Before the visit of the steam bath, you have to take a shower (soak up your head or use detergents is not recommended). You should also wear shoes, because shoes prevent slipping on the wet surface.
  11. Visit of the infrared sauna is charged separately. The duration of the stay is 45 minutes. Pre-heating of the infrared sauna is done by the warden. Before visiting the infrared sauna, read the regulations of infrared sauna carefully.

The utter contraindications of the visit of the steam bath and infra-sauna

  1. Skin or fungal diseases
  2. During the aggravation of chronic disease of any body system
  3. Acute diseases of an infectious or other nature
  4. Fever
  5. Vascular atherosclerosis with damage to various body systems and organs
  6. Active tuberculosis
  7. Conjunctivitis, skin infectious diseases
  8. Malignant neoplasms
  9. Susceptibility to bleeding, thrombosis, embolism
  10. Severe metabolic disorders in diabetes, cachexia, hyperthyroidism
  11. Glaucoma
  12. Psychoses and psychopathies
  13. With open wounds, bandage (with patch), etc.
  14. Susceptibility to allergic reactions
  15. Under the influence of alcohol, drugs or psychotropic substances
  16. Visitors who violate these rules are fully responsible for damage to their health, the health of other visitors, and the material costs involved.

Is prohibited

  1. Visits of people who have been denied access and people who have absolute contraindications to visit the sauna.
  2. Wash your own clothes in the steam bath of the complex.
  3. Use the sauna to dry the laundry.
  4. To bring weapons, sharp or stabbing weapons or, narcotic, poisonous or flammable substances to the area of the RK.
  5. Smoke outside the areas designated to smoke.
  6. Leave children unattended by adults.
  7. Animals on the premises of RK without agreement with RK administration.
  8. Enter any of the RK’s technical or service rooms and independently regulate any engineering, technical or audio-visual equipment, heat the stove.
  9. Run or move quickly in complex areas due to possible injury.
  10. Do the physical need outside the WC
  11. Speak vulgarly in the RK area, loudly scream or sing, disturb other visitors.
  12. Use body creams and other cosmetics or facials while visiting the sauna (a cream applied to the body before a visit to the sauna should be rinsed in the shower).
  13. Be in the RK area without clothes.

Visitor’s rights and obligations

The visitor has right to :

  1. Be located in the RK only with the approval of the administration of the complex.
  2. Get full and trustworthy information about provided services, payment policies, and security rules.
  3. Prohibition of the dissemination of his or her personal data known to the employees of the RK (during the creation of service contracts, RK guest check-ins, etc.).

The visitor is obliged to:

  1. Pay the RK service fee.
  2. Follow the actual rules.
  3. Gently treat the property, equipment of the RK.
  4. In the case of damage to property and / or equipment, non-compliance with the actual rules, compensation for damage caused to the RK, fines and all costs associated with replacement in its entirety.

Rights and obligations of the RK

RK has the right to:

  1. Deny access to sauna to visitors with contraindications listed above.
  2. Deny access to the RK, to persons under 18 years of age without adult accompaniment.
  3. In the case of a violation of the actual rules, to exclude visitors from the complex of the RK, to take other legal measures.
  4. Deny access without any explanation.
  5. Stop (suspend) RK service without compensation of the cost of services in the following cases:
  • during technical breaks related to the equipment, technical failures (eg bulb replacement)
  • in the case of accidents not committed by the RK
  • in the case of natural disasters, natural and technogenic
  • strikes, wars, acts of state authorities and other circumstances beyond any control of the RK, which prevent the provision of services by the RK to a visitor.
  1. In case of natural phenomena, the RK operating time may be regulated by the Administration in order to maintain the safety of the visitors.
  2. Short-term power outage in the RK beyond any control of the Administration for up to 1 hour including, is a case of natural phenomena and therefore can’t be a reason for refunding or the money already paid.¨
  3. The RK’s administration is not responsible for the damage that visitors may cause as a result of breaching safety rules when using equipment, administrator instructions, information carriers and careless behaviour on the area of the RK.
  4. The administration of the RK is not responsible for the safety of personal belongings and jewels left in the complex, as well as for cars parked in the complex’s parking lot.